I love to keep my hands busy, learn new skills and make fun stuff. This is a selection of projects that are a little different from my usual illustrative endeavours.

Polar Bear

While visiting the zoo with my niece, she fell head over heels for the polar bears. For her birthday I made this polar bear lamp that is also a coat rack. Or the other way around! Made out of wood, painted with acrylics and wired by yours truly.

Crosby, Stills, Nash and a Whole Lot of Cats!

My entry for the VINYLIZE exhibition curated by my agent Shop Around. Around 50 artists customised a vinyl record of their choice. I thrifted the self titled record by Crosby, Stills & Nash and added some extra friends. For a look at all the amazing results I recommend getting the book about the exhibit.

Upcycled Ceramics

I can be found roaming the local thrift shops often in my spare time. Seeing all kinds of plates, saucers, mugs, planters and more during those treasure hunts, I figured I could paint them and give them a second life.

OK/GO Skateboards

Back in the day I used to skateboard and I have always fancied having a go at designing a skateboard. Tony Hawk has yet to call me, so this set of hand painted decks is the closest I got to this day.

Crafty Crate

Not unlike myself, my niece loves crafting and making stuff. So for her birthday I used acrylics to paint this plain wooden crate to store some of her crafting bits and bobs. Happy crafting!